About Dr. Pushp Lamba

Founder & Chief Happiness Coach, Happy Within

Your Success Begins Within

An ICF (USA) Certified Success & Happiness Coach, A PH.D., NLP Master Practitioner and an MBA Gold Medalist with 21+ years of professional experience in creating success stories out of students, Dr. Pushp Lamba has mentored over 8000 students and provided coaching to over 1000 students.

His specific ares of interest are in the Job Readiness and Mental Health space.

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My Inspiration

Your Success Begins Within

At the tender age of 12, I knew what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to be a "Hero" in movies, like Amitabh Bachchan.

As you can guess it, it didn't quite work out as intended. :)

It all changed for me when a friend of mine took his life. All this happened as he felt he had no one to speak to.

Long story short - my journey which began as a Mental Health expert, soon flowed into my second expertise - making my students job ready.

I had been working on their skills for a long time, but I realise that if I wish to impact more students, if I wish that that the ma\ximum number of students need to benefit from my expertise, I need to move out of employment and start something of my own.


And thus "Happy Within" took birth. The name signifies my mission. I have always felt that if I am not happy from within, no amount of success and other material accomplishments mean much.

Actually, if you don't have the "Success Mindset", you either will not achieve success or not enjoy it.

So under 'Happy Within' I ensure that I work on the mental health AS WELL AS the job readiness skill-set of all my students.

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