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✅ Do you shudder at the thought of your future? ✅ Do you look at a job description and don’t apply thinking you won’t get the call? ✅ Do you think that LinkedIn is for finding jobs ONLY? ✅ Do you google for CV format and put in your information and send it across? ✅ Or You have absolutely NO idea why your CV does not get shortlisted or Interviews don’t convert? If you have replied a “YES” to even one of the questions above, you need to read further! I have been working for 20+ years now and I have been a part of hundreds of interviews by being on the panels and I have learnt a lot on my way – as an interviewer. Last 2 years of your college is when you need to push hard – strategically! I personally believe that SMART WORK > HARD WORK. If you were to strategise everything, your smart work will triumph any day. And I am here to teach you in just that manner. :) What you will learn during the workshop – I shall train you on: 1. Understanding the psyche of your interviewer 2. How LinkedIn can be used to connect to your industry’s decision takers. 3. Which CV formats work for which jobs. 4. How to present your information on your CV. 5. What you need to write in that email before applying for the position and how to do the follow-up so that you will get the result you want. 6. The mindset you need to be in - the Success Mindset. This is NO Voodoo. I will teach you all of this in the 5-Day ‘College-to-Corporate’ Masterclass. In the 5 days, we will learn how to: Day 1 – How to build your mindset for success (MINDSET EXCELLENCE) Day 2 – How to engage in CV Building & CV Writing (CV EXCELLENCE) Day 3 – How to apply for jobs & internships using effective Emails (EMAIL EXCELLENCE) Day 4 – Taming LinkedIn to work for you and your success (LinkedIn EXCELLENCE) Day 5 – How to crack EVERY interview you appear for (INTERVIEW EXCELLENCE) PLUS A Completion Certificate to go on your CV to tell your prospective recruiter your seriousness towards your profession and the skill set you are coming with. PLUS Actual bonuses worth Rs. 29,500. Each of the bonus will get you an insight like never before. The bonuses are not random bonuses. These contain proven knowledge and intelligence about succeeding in life and landing up in that job or internship of your dreams.

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